When you create an account in PlasmaPay.com we create for you minimum 3 wallets: Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum wallet and Plasma Wallet (for ERC-20 PBK tokens). When you sign in to service first time you need to active your wallets, create passwords and save your Paper KeyCard.

Let me show you this process step-by-step:

1. Go to plasmapay.com and "create an account" or "sign in"

2. Go to Ethereum wallet in left menu or scroll down and click on Ethereum (ETH) card

3. Create password for your "First Ethereum wallet" and save+print Paper KeyCard for this wallet.

4. Create password for your "Plasma Wallet" and save+print Paper KeyCard for this wallet.

5. Here you will find your blockchain address and QR code for each of your wallet

Best regards,
PlasmaPay Team

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