With invoice in PlasmaPay you can request money from other person in
Bitcoin with fixed rate. When your sender pay this invoice in BTC you will receive exactly BTC amount fixed in US dollar (or another currency) at the moment of payment.

Let's create our first request/invoice!

Find on dashboard this button:

or just use this link: https://app.plasmapay.com/invoice

Important Note! When you create your first invoice, the PlasmaPay automatically will create for you  a new Bitcoin wallet called "invoice BTC". System will open for you a window to create a password from this wallet and save your wallet paper key.

What  you will see on the invoice page:

  1. Automatically always chosen your Invoice BTC wallet (don't change it)

  2. You can choose what currency should be fixed your invoice. It can be BTC, USD, EUR and other 100500 currencies

  3. Here you need to type your amount of invoice. You can click on number under line if you want to type  the exact amount in Bitcoin

  4. Type the email of person or company to whom you want send this invoice. We only support email now

  5. You can put some text here, sender will  see  this text when open an invoice

  6.  Here is additional invoice settings. Click it if you want to create a professional invoice with description.

This is how the choice of currency for amount fix looks like:

This is how will be look like your filled invoice page:

Invoice settings

In invoice setting you can add more details and items for your counterparty. You can set up a due date for payment.

You can also put your tax information as an item in the invoice.

At the bottom of the page you will find "Terms and conditions", where you can put all additional information or the whole document.

Due to - after this date the invoice will be closed and will not available for payment.

❗️Important note:
When you add your first item with description and unit price, the final price of the invoice will be calculated based on the sum of all items (Total).
After this you will not be able  to change fixed amount at the top of the page.


Confirmation page

On this page you will see all the information of your invoice. If something is wrong, please, go back and edit it.

After you click the button send, we will send notification of this invoice to the specified email.

Success screen and invoice sharing

After you successfully send your invoice you will see this page:

You can copy and send this invoice link to anyone.

Page for invoice payment:

Here you can pay this invoice using your PlasmaPay account or external wallet. Card payment for individual invoice we don't support yet.

Where can i manage my invoice?

All your sended or received invoices you can find in history > requests page
Link: https://app.plasmapay.com/history/requests
You also can cancel this invoice if you don't need it more.

After invoice will be paid you can download PDF invoice.

❗️Important note. 

  1. Our invoice can be paid using any Bitcoin app or wallet.

  2. Sender of BTC don't need to be plasmapay's user or create any account. 

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