As part of the strategy for decentralizing the financial blockchain Plasma DLT, we have launched the Node Alliance program. Network Validators will get the increased reward in the Plasma cryptocurrency on every node.

You can read more about the Plasma DLT blockchain on the website:

Information about the Node Alliance program:

❗️Please read the instructions to the end before doing anything and avoiding irreversible difficulties in the future.

🔗 Types of nodes participating in the Alliance

The following types of nodes participating in the Alliance program:

Silver Node (300 pc.) - stake 1.000 USD - 40% yield in Plasma per annum

Golden Node (100 pc.) - stake 5.000 USD - 50% yield in Plasma per annum

Platinum Node (5 pc.) - stake 30.000 USD - 80% yield in Plasma per annum

To participate in the program, please, purchase the required amount of PBK tokens (PlasmaPay currency of internal platform balance), make stake with PBK at unique backup address, run a node in the data center and register it on the network.

🎱 Let's start!

Before installing a node, you need to create PlasmaPay account here, activate your Plasma wallet account and download private keys from it.

❗️Important! The name of your Plasma wallet account will be the public name of your Node on the blockchain. Use your personal name if you will personally run the node or use your company name if you run the enterprise node.

1. Create an account on PlasmaPay

2. Activate Plasma Wallet Account
Click on the "Activate Account" button on the main page of the platform.

Plasma Wallet Account activation process:

  • Name your account on the blockchain Plasma. The name should consist of 12 characters. You can use all the letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers from 1 to 5.

  • Create and write down the password for your wallet. This will be a unique password from the Plasma wallet (not from your PlasmaPay account), which you will use to sign transactions from the created wallet.

  • Download and save in the safest place (or print paper and delete the .pdf file from your computer) a pdf file with your private key from the Plasma wallet. The lost of this key will make it impossible to restore access to funds on the wallet (❗️blockchain feature).

  • Select the currencies you wish to work within your wallet in the future.

After you finish the activation, you will see your wallet address and available currencies on the dashboard.

3. Get private keys from your Plasma account.

To decrypt and download your keys, go to the Plasma Account and click on the key icon in the lower right corner of the card.

The system will ask you to enter the password from your Plasma account ( from the Plasma wallet account, and not from the account on PlasmaPay).

After entering the correct password, you will see a page with two keys. Please copy them to the safest place (this is the most valuable information in the whole system); it will be needed to run the node.

👍 The basic preparation of your account is over. Now let's move on to the PBK tokens and their stake.

💵 What is PBK?

PBK or PlasmaBank Token - is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used on the PlasmaPay platform as the main balance currency for paying commissions, services and external API integrations. The market value of the token at the time of its issue is $ 0.02 and after listing on exchanges, it will be openly traded at the market price, reflecting the activity of the community of the PlasmaPay platform and the volume of services provided on the platform.

Link to etherscan and statistic of toke PBK:

This day (1/11/2019) PBK tokens are in wallets of 7770 users of the PlasmaPay platform.

💵 How to buy PBK for stake?

The following methods are available for purchase PBK token in the PlasmaPay payment system:

  • Pay with Visa/Mastercard

  • Direct transfer in one of the e-payment systems: PayPal, AdvCash, Qiwi, Yandex.Money

  • Exchange BTC/USDT/ETH on PBK by fix rate 0,02$ = 1 PBK at the moment of purchase

To pay with a Visa / MC card, you need to register an account with PlasmaPay, activate an Ethereum account and go to purchase PBK at the link:

It takes up to 24 hours to process a card payment and issue PBK for you. After processing, you will get PBK tokens to the Ethereum wallet address at the PlasmaPay.

To use other methods, please contact support chat on the site, or by email [email protected]

After receiving the tokens, they will be available on the Tokens tab in the Ethereum account of the PlasmaPay.

🧲 How to make stake with PBK for participating in Alliance Node program

A PBK stake means that in order to participate in the program, you have freeze your PBK in a special reserve Ethereum account for 1 year. After this period, the currency will be returned to you automatically at the ETH address and you can sell it on the exchange or in the internal exchange of PlasmaPay.

After you have purchased and received PBK tokens in your wallet, you need to request a backup address for the stake from PlasmaPay support. This can be done by writing to email [email protected] or to the support chat on the site.

Please indicate in your message:

  • an email address from your PlasmaPay account

  • ethereum wallet address where the PBK tokens for the reserve are located

  • total amount of stake in USD, quantity and type of ordered nodes

To send PBK tokens from an Ethereum wallet to PlasmPay backup address, go to the Ethereum account, open the Tokens tab and click on three points on the PBK token tab and select Send.

On the Send page, enter the required amount for sending in USD, and in the address field, insert the backup wallet address that you received from the support. Your tokens will be at this address all the time for 1 year, and after that, they will be returned back to your Ethereum wallet.

P.s. Remember, to make a transaction with ERC-20 tokens (PBK), you need a small balance of ETH cryptocurrency on your Ethereum wallet.

💻 Node setup in the data center

The minimum requirements for server infrastructure are:

  • Minimum specification: 250 Mbit/s+

  • High availability (SLA): 99.9999%

  • The hardware must meet certain requirements to run a full node

  • 500 GB of free disk space

  • Accessible at a minimum read/write speed of 100 MB/s

  • 4 cores of CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory (RAM)

Technical documentation for launching a node on a cloud or physical server:
Docker -
GitHub -

We recommend using the cloud data centers of the following providers:

You can find a complete list of data centers here - link.
You can select any server's region for running a node.

🎬 Screencast of the console when you are running the node

For a more visual demonstration of the node launch, we recorded a screencast of the console of one of the Alliance member:

📑 Register a node on the blockchain network

To register your node on the network, place it on block explorer and start earning Plasma, send the following information to the support chat or to our email [email protected]:

  • your email from your PlasmaPay account

  • your ethereum wallet address from which you made PBK steak

  • url address of your website / company (public information for explorer)

  • address of your Plasma account

  • Plasma account public key

  • type of node

Your request will be processed within 24 hours, and you will see the node on the explorer

🚀 Congratulations, you have become one of the most important network validators that contribute to the stability and decentralization of the first financial blockchain PlasmaDLT.

Now you can daily observe the accrual of the Plasma token to your Plasma wallet account.

For questions, please contact Support chat on the site and in our Discord group 

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