What does a business get by opening account in the PlasmaPay payment system:

  • multi currency account that can operate 42 fiat currencies (storage, transfer, FX)

  • non-custodian Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet with ERC-20 token support

  • to accept and send payments in cryptocurrency

  • to accept payments using card acquiring and popular payment systems

  • Bitcoin Fixed Rate Billing

  • to replenish accounts and withdraw funds to cards, bank accounts and payment systems anywhere in the world

  • to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

  • cryptocurrency exchange

  • mass payment support

  • API for remote management of accounts and transactions

  • APIs that allow you to integrate the processing of payments and PlasmaPay accounts into your service or application

  • support of custom applications and business logic

  • accounts with multi-subscription (distributed account management between users)

  • card processing and acquiring for online business

Main products for business:

  • Business checkout. Accepting card payments on the site, similar to PayPal.

  • Crypto checkout. A module for selling Bitcoin using Visa/MC credit cards. The ability to embed the module on sites to replenish the balance of users in bitcoin. You can also embed the crypto checkout page on your website or blog and earn with the referral system (% of each purchase made by the user). The product is an analogue of Simplex.

  • Wallet-to-wallet. Integration allows you to embed PlasmaPay wallet in third-party systems, games and services, exchangers, stocks, create accounts and process payments using stable currencies.


The PlasmaPay payment system has a unique architecture and is based on the Plasma DLT distributed financial ledger system using cryptography and elliptic curves to encrypt private keys. A system with the concept of privacy and advanced Bitcoin blockchain algorithms, but with more bandwidth and programmable smart contracts.


  • Your funds in the system are totally owned and controlled by you as long as you own and control private keys and passwords from your account. Neither PlasmaPay payment system nor governmental systems can technically block your account or withdraw your digital assets.

  • Your account and funds are the implementation of the "digital cash". They exist out of jurisdictions and financial systems.

  • Your account and funds can be exported (transferred) to another payment system or electronic wallet that supports the Plasma financial protocol.

  • The functioning of the decentralized financial system is supported by independent organizations and individuals (technical network participants) and also by nodes of the distributed network of digital financial repositories.

  • Secured system and protection of your funds is provided by modern cryptographic algorithms.

PlasmaPay.com it is a digital alternative to bank accounts and a convenient tool for online business.

How to open a business account in PlasmaPay

The whole procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Register and activate your account at plasmapay.com

  2. Pass personal verification in the service

  3. Pass company verification

  4. Obtaining Business status and release an API key for integration

  5. Technical integration with business checkout

  6. The combat launch of the system for receiving payments

Here we show in detail how to go through each step:

1️⃣ Register and activate your account at plasmapay.com

Registration on PlasmaPay https://app.plasmapay.com/id/sign-up

2. Activate your Plasma Account
Click on the "Activate Account" button on the main page of the service.

Please follow this steps: 

  • Create a name for your account. The name should consist of 12 characters. You can use all the letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers from 1 to 5.

  • Create and write down the password for your wallet. This will be a unique password from the Plasma wallet (not from your PlasmaPay account). This password allows you to sign transactions from the created wallet.

  • Download and keep in a safe place a pdf file with your private key from the Plasma wallet (we also suggest to print and then delete the file). The loss of this key will make it impossible to regain access to funds on the wallet (❗️blockchain feature).

  • Select the currencies you wish to work with in your wallet.

After activation, you will see your wallet address (@name) and added currencies on the dashboard.

2️⃣ Pass personal verification in the service

To start the verification, please prepare a photo of your National ID, a proof of address, and make a selfie with your ID. The verification procedure can take from several minutes to several days, depends on the user's jurisdiction.

Please click Profile > Verification or click the following link: https://app.plasmapay.com/id/profile/main

3️⃣ Pass company verification

To begin the verification process, please fill out this form - https://plasma.typeform.com/to/WEUvPl, or send a personal request to [email protected] with a short description of your business and the necessary service.

In response to the request, the security service will send you a questionnaire, which will need to be filled out and sent to us via email [email protected]

As part of the verification of the company, it is necessary to provide scans of statutory documents and information about the beneficiaries of the company.

4️⃣ Obtaining Business status and release an API key for integration

Based on the results of the audit, we will set the commission rates for acceptance of payments and the amount of the reserve deposit. You will also receive the electronic contract.

After signing the contract, your account will be given the Business status.
To issue API keys, go to the Business section of the drop-down menu.

Create a new application in the Business checkout section

You will see a form that you need to fill for your application.


  1. The name of your site or application

  2. URI link to the successful payment page. The user will be redirected to this page along with the identifier of his invoice

  3. URI link to the page about failed payment or cancellation of payment. Together with this, the invoice identifier is transmitted

  4. The domain/address of your site on which the PlasmaPay payment method will be available

  5. The URI on which we send the invoice when the status is changed new -> pending -> success, so that the merchant can determine that the invoice has been processed and paid

  6. You can choose who will pay the fee for processing the payment: company or client. If the company pays the commission, then the invoice amount will be final for the payer, if the client pays the commission, then for payment he will receive the invoiced amount + payment system commission.

After filling in the correct data, it will be opened the page with an API key for your application.

❗️ If the API key is compromised, immediately delete the old key and create a new application.

5️⃣ Technical integration with business checkout

API integration of your site with the PlasmaPay payment system can take from two to seven days for your developers. You can find detailed documentation about integration here: https://developer.plasmapay.com/guides/business.html

6️⃣ The live launching of the system for receiving payments

PlasmaPay does not have a test environment for API integration. Upon completion of the integration, you can immediately accept payments in combat mode on your site with the same API keys.

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