Who uses PlasmaPay platform

The PlasmaPay platform provides a powerful API and unique tools for receiving and sending payments using classical methods and through the processing of the popular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. PlasmaPay has rich functionality for working with payments, currency exchange and payments. The platform is integrated with popular payment methods and develops cooperation with payment and financial institutions in different countries.

A flexible and modern payment solution PlasmaPay is created to support both classic online businesses such as:

  • e-commerce, online shopping

  • marketplaces, message boards

  • ticket and hotel reservation systems

  • crowdfunding platforms

  • web and mobile games and applications

  • on-demand services and subscription models

and for high-risk businesses:

  • online games and gambling

  • dating sites

  • pharma and nutra

  • adult content

  • hosting and domain registrars

  • crypto business and mining

Available payment methods on the PlasmaPay platform

  • accepting Visa / Mastercard cards (business verification required)

  • accepting payment in Bitcoin (verification is not required)

  • accepting payments from PlasmaPay wallets (verification is not required)

Available payment methods

  • payment to the user's wallet in the PlasmaPay system with further withdrawal of funds to the card / bank account / payment systems / cryptocurrency (verification is not required) 

Available ways to replenish and withdraw funds from your PlasmaPay account

  1. replenishment and withdrawal to Visa/Mastercard

  2. replenishment and withdrawal via bank transfers SEPA/SWIFT

  3. deposit and withdrawal using AdvCash

  4. replenishment and withdrawal of funds for online banking for Asian banks

  5. withdrawal of funds to the cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. (upon request)

  6. replenishment and withdrawal of funds with the help of partners on

  • Visa / Mastercard / Mir 

  • bank accounts in hryvnia and ruble

  • payment systems: Paypal, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc.

  • cash: USD, RUB, UAH

Integration of payment acceptance by Visa/Mastercard cards. Card Processing.

By connecting PlasmaPay you can accept card payments for your goods and services from more than 150 countries. The card processing service is available only for companies with a registered legal entity and legal address of registration. To use the PlasmaPay system, a bank account for the company is not a prerequisite.

To connect service you need

  • register an account on plasmapay.com

  • activate Plasma account with company or site name

  • pass personal verification and receive the status of "Digital Citizen" on the platform

  • request a company profile by mail [email protected]

  • fill out and send a questionnaire along with scans of statutory documents

  • after checking the documents and signing the electronic contract, your account will be assigned the status "Business" and you will be able to generate API keys for integrating checkout windows into your online store or service

Payment process

After integration with PlasmaPay, a new payment method will become available on your website: "Pay with Plasma" or "Pay with PlasmaPay". 

To pay the invoice, the user will be redirected to checkout page on the PlasmaPay side, certified according to PCI DSS security standards.
The user should enter an email to identify him/her in the payment system and selects one of the available payment methods:

  • With a PlasmaPay personal wallet

  • By credit card

  • With a cryptocurrency wallet

Upon completion of payment, the user receives a cashier's check for the transaction. In the user's mobile bank or statement, this operation will be indicated as: PlasmaPay.

Advantages of PlasmaPay and PlasmaDLT Distributed Financial Register System over Classical Payment Systems

At the moment of payment, funds are tokenized, reflected in the processing center Plasma and credited to your personal account in the currency of payment.

Advantages of tokenized national currencies and PlasmaDLT open processing center based on a distributed ledger system:

  • Instant liquidity. In the Plasma network, the transaction is confirmed in just 1 second (the average confirmation time in a Bitcoin transaction takes 10 minutes)! This allows you to use your funds instantly and redirect payment flows for future use.

  • Independence from any particular service. Having accepted funds in the PlasmaPay payment system, you can send your funds to another wallet or exchange office that supports the Plasma protocol.

  • Security. Your private keys are issued when you create and activate your account and are only at your disposal. This means that only you have access to your funds and only with your private key you can sign a transaction.

  • Anonymity. All accounts are anonymous in the PlasmaDLT open distributed ledger system.

  • Lack of fraud and chargebacks. The system, by analogy with the Bitcoin network, does not have reversible transactions. To complete any transaction, the actual use of private keys from the wallet/password and additional confirmations are required, which excludes the transaction by third parties.

  • Authorization via Plasma Account. Many progressive banks dream of such functionality, but it is not yet technically and legally available for them. Due to the Plasma oAuth protocol, users can log in with their Plasma account and internal accounts in third-party services that support our protocol. This happens by analogy with authorization, for example, through Facebook, but at the same time, the user can manage their payments and funds inside.

  • Programmable money. Another unique advantage of the system is the support of smart contracts. The system allows you to program any business logic or write your own application that works with payments, and put it on the network for automatic code execution. For writing applications based on a distributed registry, we support the compiled object-oriented programming language C ++.

Payment Page Form

On the payment page, the user will be offered several payment methods available for his country of residence.

Our card service is not available in following countries
These are mainly countries on the US sanctions lists or having special conditions for working with cryptocurrencies. We do not support the processing of card payments from the following countries:

CHN - China
CHE - Switzerland
USA - United States of America
BOL - Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
ECU - Ecuador
KGZ - Kyrgyzstan
BGD - Bangladesh
ISL - Iceland
IND - India
THA - Thailand
VNM - Viet Nam
CAN - Canada
AUS - Australia
JPN - Japan
IMN - Isle of Man
JEY - Jersey
MLT - Malta
GIB - Gibraltar
LUX - Luxembourg
MYS - Malaysia
PHL - Philippines (the)
MEX - Mexico
KHM - Cambodia
MKD - Republic of North Macedonia
COL - Colombia
DZA - Algeria
EGY - Egypt
MAR - Morocco
NPL - Nepal
ARE - United Arab Emirates (the)
QAT - Qatar
SAU - Saudi Arabia
KWT - Kuwait
JOR - Jordan
MAC - Macao
BRA - Brazil
ARG - Argentina
BOL - Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
VEN - Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
HTI - Haiti
GTM - Guatemala
HND - Honduras
DOM - Dominican Republic (the)
COL - Colombia
CRI - Costa Rica
CUB - Cuba
MEX - Mexico
NIC - Nicaragua
PAN - Panama
PRY - Paraguay
PER - Peru
SLV - El Salvador
URY - Uruguay
CHL - Chile
ECU - Ecuador
PRI - Puerto Rico
GLP - Guadeloupe
MTQ - Martinique
BLM - Saint Barthélemy
MAF - Saint Martin (French part)
GUF - French Guiana
AFG - Afghanistan
CAF - Central African Republic (the)
COD - Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)
CUB - Cuba
IRN - Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IRQ - Iraq
LBN - Lebanon
LBY - Libya
MLI - Mali
MMR - Myanmar
PAK - Pakistan
PRK - Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of)
PSE - Palestine, State of
SDN - Sudan (the)
SOM - Somalia
SSD - South Sudan
SYR - Syrian Arab Republic
VEN - Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
YEM - Yemen
ZWE - Zimbabwe
TTO - Trinidad and Tobago
BHS - Bahamas (the)
MNG - Mongolia
GHA - Ghana
BH - Bosnia and Herzegovina

*Some of this countries can be open upon your request.

Accepting payments in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Crypto checkout.

As the main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) is often used by users in the Internet for cross-border transfers and payment for goods / services. The main advantages of Bitcoin cryptocurrency for payments:

  • Instant liquidity of funds. You can use the funds 10 minutes after accepting the payment.

  • Cross-border. You can send and receive Bitcoin anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the Internet network.

  • Low commissions. The average transaction fee for any volume is around $1.

  • Anonymity. When anonymity is important for services and for users, Bitcoin is the best solution for receiving and sending payments.

  • Lack of chargebacks. A transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain network cannot be stopped or returned.

  • Lack of limits. There are three hundred thousand transactions daily, from a few to a billion of US dollars on the Bitcoin network.

  • Exchange liquidity. Due to the developed infrastructure of exchange points (online/offline) and market regulation in some countries, you can easily exchange and withdraw Bitcoin into cash or to a card/bank account anywhere in the world.

Conquer the exchange rate volatility
We also found a solution to defeat the Bitcoin exchange rate volatility. Today, PlasmaPay can offer businesses a unique feature for acquiring. We offer an instant conversion of Bitcoin to a stable currency at the moment of payment for individual business cases. This option protects against the basic volatility of the Bitcoin currency.

User friendly
The second often mentioned drawback is that users can not be familiar with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Such payment methods can make them confused, and they can leave the site without paying. We also solved this problem at PlasmaPay. The payment form for users contains a familiar card form for paying the invoice. This will allow the user to pay by card, and the merchant to receive in a Bitcoin account.

Another important factor is that you do not need to have a company or pass any verification to connect this method of receiving payments.

During billing and payment by the buyer, the Bitcoin exchange rate is fixed at the average exchange rate to USD adjusted for the 15-minute volatility index.

BTC payment acceptance window

Payment flow


To integrate the payment acceptance system into Bitcoin, please contact [email protected] for advice or write to the support chat on the site.

Accepting payments from PlasmaPay wallets. Wallet-to-wallet.

The most popular method of receiving payments, which conceals a lot of advantages, especially for High-Risk businesses.

  • Instant payment and instant liquidity

  • Multi-currency account for 42 fiat currencies

  • No fraud and chargebacks

  • Instant withdrawal to all available directions

  • Programmable payment methods and payments

The commission on the wallet-to-wallet payment method is 0.01% of the transaction. Connection to this method of receiving payments is available to any user and does not require verification of documents.

Payments to user wallets

Business often faces constant mass payments to its counterparties, partners, and users around the world. These payments have high commissions.
In the PlasmaPay Business account, you can organize and set up instant mass payments to the user accounts of the system, with their subsequent withdrawal to cards/bank accounts or third-party payment systems.

Payments can be made in the following currencies:

  • 42 fiat currencies of the account - 0.01% commission for each transaction

  • Payout in Bitcoin - only blockchain commission, about $ 1

To use and program payouts, please check out the Public Wallet API: https://developer.plasmapay.com/guides/public_wallet.html

MLM business, Referral systems, Binary marketing and CPA networks

In addition to mass payments to the business, it is necessary to carry out complex calculation formulas for interest and their distributions for payments to the participants of the systems.
PlasmaPay provides a flexible API. It allows automating the process of receiving payments, making instant payments to users and much more, including calculation of compound interest.
The API allows you to manage remotely your account, payments and referral marketing: Public Wallet API: https://developer.plasmapay.com/guides/public_wallet.html

Withdraw funds from a PlasmaPay business account

There are two types of wallets available on your business account: Bitcoin wallet and Plasma account.
The following withdrawal methods are available for Bitcoin wallet:

  • output to an external crypto wallet

  • withdrawal to Visa/Mastercard

  • withdrawal to any electronic payment systems

  • output to SEPA / SWIFT

The advantage of the Bitcoin payment method is that after accepting the payment, you can bring the currency to the exchange and invest in other currencies, or withdraw to fiat in any way.

All withdrawal methods for Bitcoin are available for Plasma account.

  • withdrawal to an external crypto wallet

  • withdrawal to Visa / Mastercard

  • withdrawal to any electronic payment systems

  • withdrawal to SEPA / SWIFT

Almost all of the output methods supported by PlasmaPay require full user verification and obtaining the status of "Digital Citizen". The exception is the withdrawal to the bank/card/payment system provided by external exchange points (P2P exchange, BestChange, etc.).

42 currencies supported by PlasmaPay multi-currency account

Each currency supports a resolution of 18 + 18 characters, which allows you to work with complex micro / macro calculations and formulas.

Example of Supported Numbers:  $11.1111.2222.3333.4444,555566667777888899

United States Dollar - USDp $
Euro - EURp €
British Pound Sterling - GBPp £
Russian Ruble - RUBp ₽
Czech Koruna - CZKp Kč
Singapore Dollar - SGDp $
Hong Kong Dollar - HKDp HK$
South Korean Won - KRWp ₩
Ukraine Hryvnia - UAHp ₴‏ 

+ 31 currencies more

Still have questions?

We are always ready to advise you on integration issues and the capabilities of the payment system. If you have a specific request for the integration of our processing, for example, in a marketplace or your gaming application, please write us your requirements and send us cash flow models. We will help you realize any tasks associated with the receipt and payment of funds.

[email protected] 

The technical documentation for all types of integration is located at:

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