What is Calendly?

Calendly, a powerful yet simple automated scheduling tool, takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more... Millions of users benefit from an enjoyable scheduling experience, more time to spend on top priorities and flexibility to accommodate individual users and large teams alike. Calendly works with Google, Office 365 and Outlook calendars and apps like Salesforce, Stripe, GoToMeeting and Zapier for a seamless user experience.

▶️ https://calendly.com

How can you schedule your meetings with clients and friends using Calendly + Plasma Rooms integration?

Add a Plasma Room link to your Calendly Event and embed it on your website or share link in a messenger or email with your customer. Your clients will be able to schedule meetings with you at a convenient time for them. If you use paid Rooms you will be able to receive payments from your customers for each video call. It's a great solution if you are doing a paid consultations or webinars. 👍

How to set up your Calendly and Plasma Rooms?

  • Create a New Event Type

  • Choose your new event type

  • On the event page name your event and click on the Location field

  • Choose in the Location field Custom option

  • Create your free or paid room on rooms.plasmapay.com and copy a Room invitation link

  • Paste Link in the Custom field of Calendly Event

You will see this:

  • Set up other fields and click Next

  • That's all. Now you will see your new event on the dashboard. You can share the link on it or embed calendly on your website.

Now You can embed a special Calendly form for your customers on your website. Your customers will be able to schedule a call with you in a free or paid Room.

Useful video tutorials about how to use Calendly service

Tutorial: How to add a calendar to your website on Webflow using Calendly + Plasma Rooms

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