WebRTC - одна из технологий приложения Plasma Rooms, которая позволяет нам предоставлять вам сервис видео звонков без необходимости устанавливать приложение на телефон или персональный компьютер.

Используя современные браузеры: Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla; вы получаете не только наивысшую безопасность, но и классный пользовательский опыт.

Какие веб браузеры поддерживают приложение Plasma Rooms

Desktop PC

  • Microsoft Edge 12+

  • Google Chrome 28+

  • Mozilla Firefox 22+

  • Safari 11+

  • Opera 18+

  • Vivaldi 1.9+

  • Brave


  • Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default since 29)

  • Mozilla Firefox 24+

  • Opera Mobile 12+

Chrome OS

Firefox OS

BlackBerry 10


  • MobileSafari/WebKit (iOS 11+)

Tizen 3.0

Apple Safari.

Both MacOS and iOS released a version of Safari with support for WebRTC. It allows interoperability with other web browsers and the data channel works. However, Safari users will have to wait for the screen sharing to be available, as in the latest version, this capability still not yet ready but is not required for all services.

Download Safari | Not available to install, only from Apple Devices

Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is the first one and leader on our list as the pioneering WebRTC-enabled browser since Google Chrome version 17 in 2012. Prior to that, no browser could offer video calls without special client applications. Therefore, users have cheered the mere idea of audio and video capture capabilities and its playback directly in the browser.

Download Chrome | Google

Microsoft Edge. *New

Microsoft Edge 79 (01-15-2020) is now built on the Chromium open source project which also powers Google’s Chrome browser. With Microsoft adopting Chromium, developers will benefit from spending less time on interoperability because of seamless webrtc integration with other popular browsers including, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari!

Download Edge | Microsoft

Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox supports WebRTC since the 18th Aurora version. However, WebRTC was not enabled by default and it initially required manual settings for video calls functionality. The good news is that it is no longer necessary since 2012 when Firefox released the 22nd version that enabled WebRTC by default.

Download Firefox | Mozilla

Opera Browser.

Opera, as well as Mozilla Firefox, implemented WebRTC standard in the 18th version, released in December 2013. In this build, support for obtaining the UserMedia API interface was enabled by default as the interface is an integrated part of WebRTC technology.

Download Opera | Opera Software

What types of devices are supported?

In 2020, all updated desktop computers and mobile devices can install a default Web Browser enabled to process WebRTC and without any plugin requirement!

  • Apple iPhone

  • Apple iPad

  • Mac Computers

  • MacBook Laptops

  • Windows PC

  • Windows Laptops

  • Chromebooks

  • Android Smartphones

  • Android Tablets

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