Communication plays a huge role in our personal and professional life. In recent years, we have seen how the trend of remote work and freelancing is actively gaining momentum. More and more people prefer remote office work.

At PlasmaPay, we are providing modern payment and financial services for operating and managing new digital and cryptocurrency assets.

Our main goal was to create a video conferencing service that would have the highest level of security for personal communications, allow you to effectively interact, study and work remotely, as well as be able to accept payments for your virtual services from all over the world.

πŸš€ Here's an overview of what you will get and it’s absolutely FREE:

βœ… E2E encrypted communication

Everything you share in Rooms (video, audio, messages, files) is end-to-end encrypted and transfers between participants' devices via peering network (like torrents) without middleman serversπŸ”₯

βœ… Infinity Rooms link

Create your personal room and add this link to your browser tab or mobile home screen. Get access to Rooms and chat with your friends, family or team just in two clicks!

βœ… Group Calls

Add as many people to your conversation as you need. Calls are not limited by time or number of participants.

βœ… Integrated with Google Calendar

You will never forget about an important call. Schedule your calls directly via Google Calendar.

βœ… No app installation, sing ups and servers

You don't need to install an app or register account, Rooms are available on all devices via a native browser.

βœ… Payments (coming soon)

Create a room with paid entrance or per-minute-subscription. Charge any amount of money right in the chat room. The perfect solution for consulters, lawyers, trainers and online businesses

And much more:

βœ… HD Video and Audio

βœ… Secure peer-to-peer file sharing

βœ… Screensharing

πŸš€ How to use Rooms:

1) Create your Room and add it to your desktop Bookmarks or mobile Home Screen

2) Share this link with your family, business partners or investors

3) Join your private Room at any moment just in TWO clicks

Our page on the popular Product Hunt service, we will be very grateful to you for supporting our project:

For whom the Plasma Rooms video conferencing service can bring maximum benefit

Try online paid legal or personal consultations using the Plasma Rooms service. Create paid rooms for different rates and duration of video consultation, or set your per minute rate and subscription for a consultation.

Cyber professionals and players

Share your game's content and stream directly to Plasma Rooms. You will be able to collect donations from your viewers all over the world.

Medicine and telemedicine

Provide secure, anonymous and paid medical advice to your clients. The call encryption function allows you to maintain complete confidentiality of the call and transmit medical data.

Online education, trainings, webinars and tutoring

If you teach online, try paid courses, webinars or online training, try video conferences from Plasma Rooms in your work. Plan your schedule and paid video lessons with students on Google Calendar and accept payments from your students around the world.

E-Commerce and Network Marketing

Advertise products, hold private product and service online video presentations or webinars for your customers and partners. Sell your products and accept payments during a video call.

Small and medium businesses

Use Plasma Rooms to host confidential company meetings. Set up permanent virtual rooms for teams or departments in your organization.

If you have any suggestions and ideas for improving the service or its functionality, send them to us at [email protected]

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