Plasma Rooms is a web service that allows you to create permanent video rooms for communication without registration and installation of the application and invite your friends, colleagues or clients to join a call.

1️⃣ To create a new video room go to the page

If you see a message from the browser asking "whether to allow this web page access to the microphone and camera." ❗️Be sure to grant this permission for the page, otherwise, you will not be able to work with the Plasma Rooms service.

Each room type has an identical setting: privacy mode

2️⃣ If you need a video room with end-to-end encryption, complete privacy and the highest level of call security for a small number of participants (up to 4 people) choose the "Secret" type, if you are planning a large number of participants, choose the "Conference" type.

3️⃣After creating a room, you can choose any name for your participant, as well as turn on and off the camera and microphone.

4️⃣ Enter your video room, copy the web link to your room and share it with other members.

🚀 Wait for other participants and start your call.

❗️ The link you received for the video room can be saved to your desktop, added to favorites in the browser, or added to your mobile phone screen. This unique and timeless link will always be available to all videoconference participants.

🏁 After the end of the call, close the browser tab or click on the exit icon with a "minus" sign

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