For consultants, tutors, teachers and freelancers who work remotely, we have prepared a special function that allows you to accept payments from invited call participants.

To use the functionality of creating paid rooms, you need:

  • have an active account at

  • activate Plasma wallet and currencies that you will use

  • pass verification and get the status "Digital Citizen" in the system

  • agree to the Plasma Rooms Acceptable Use Policy

  • log into Plasma Rooms using your PlasmaPay account and grant the Rooms application permissions to work with your account

❗️Also, remember that all payments received through the Plasma Rooms service will be available for use/withdraw in your Plasma wallet after 15 days!

How do I create a paid room?

To create a paid room, you need to go to the main page and select the type of paid room "Entrance fee" or "Subscription".

Click "Login to PlasmaPay" and after logging into your PlasmaPay account grant the necessary permissions for the Rooms application to work

This permission will be issued to the application for a period of 1 month.

When choosing a paid room, you need to make the following settings:

Room Price Rate - Select one of 42 currencies and set what entrance fee should be paid by the invited participant to entrance your paid video conference room.

The type of privacy - a secret and confidential room for several participants or a conference room for a large group.

The maximum duration of one paid call - the number of minutes that a participant can stay inside a paid video conference room for the maximum.

For example: 30 minutes will mean that the user who paid for the video call will be able to stay in the room for no more than 30 minutes in total from the moment the call starts.

At the end of the set time of the paid room, the user will be automatically removed from the room, and to re-join the room, he will need to pay again.

If a room is selected for an "unlimited" period, then after payment, it will forever be available for participants to join the room without the need for repeated payments.

After setting the settings and creating a room, you will be taken to a page with a public card for your room:

On this page, you will need to fill out two sections:

  • the name (Title) of your paid room

  • a description of the service you provide in the room

The information on the card is required to be filled out, since this content will be used to form a customer's receipt in the transaction history.

After filling in the data, "Join the Room" button will become active. By going to the room you will receive a link to your paid room. By sharing it with the participants, they will be able to open your page, pay the entrance fee and join a paid call.

❗️ Important note: A room is active and available for payment by participants only if the creator (host) of the room is currently in it (live/on-air). Consider it when planning your paid calls. You, as the creator (host) of the room, will need to be the first to "open" it.

After the invited participant pays for the entrance, you will receive a notification in the general chat and as soon as the visitor enters the room, the countdown timer of the "duration" of the paid room (set by you) will start.

At the end of the call time, your visitor will automatically leave the room, and if it is necessary to continue the conversation, he will need to re-pay the entrance.

❗️ Funds received by you in the Plasma Rooms application will be available in your Plasma wallet after 15 days.

❗️ The link to the paid room can be reused and with any number of participants. You can attach this link to your work calendar, online lessons or post it on the site/Instagram/Facebook for paid consultations during working hours.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the work of paid rooms, please contact our support chat or at [email protected]

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