When you creating a paid rooms and reusing them (for example, for weekly meetings or online classes), it is important to set a maximum duration for each paid call session.

To do this, when creating a room, set the time for the maximum duration of a paid video room.

If the duration is "infinity", then after paying for the room, the user will be able to visit it an infinite number of times. This option is suitable if you want to use this room one-time or do not know how long a paid call can take.

You can also select the suggested time frames for the call duration, or set your own duration in minutes. This option is suitable if you use a room for recurring calls with clients or students, with recurring paid video meetings. This function is also useful in scheduling services like Calendly.

During the call, you and all participants will see the call duration timer and know exactly when it will end.

❗️ Several participants can enter the paid room at the same time, each of them will have to pay the entrance fee or subscription while in the room.

❗️ If a participant needs to extend the time of a video call, then after its end he can pay for the room again and enter it again.

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