We strive to help people who have decided to connect their lives with online professions, who teach, train or consult online. Our Plasma Rooms platform is completely free for you. You will receive exactly the amount you charged for entering or subscribing to a paid room.

The total commission of the Rooms platform for guests of paid rooms will be no more than 15% (if the payment was made using a bank card) or 10% (if the payment was made from an account in the PlasmaPay system). Card commission may also include additional micro commissions for currency conversion, depending on the payment currency and the country of the bank that issued the card. We advise setting the base currency of the payment in the EURO.

Example: For a $100 paid room, the invited member will pay no more than $115 (with card), and the creator will receive $ 100 - 0.01% (the cost of processing a transaction in PlasmaPay) = $ 99.99 to their Plasma account.

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