Each payment accepted through Plasma Rooms will become available to the host of the paid room in his Plasma wallet after 15 days.

After the funds become available, it can be used for payments and transfers within the PlasmaPay platform, or exchanged to cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT) and withdraw to a third-party cryptocurrency exchanger, to your bank card, to bank account or account in any electronic payment system.

In order to convert the stable currency balance of the Plasma wallet to another cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT, +15 others), you need to:

  • go to the section "Add Funds" on the dashboard (https://app.plasmapay.com/add-funds)

  • in the section "Buy Bitcoin" or "Buy USDT" select the block with the name "stable currency" or "digital cash"

  • On the next page specify the conversion amount and select one of the ETH or BTC wallets in your PlasmaPay account to receive funds.

❗️ Important: To exchange a stable cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency, you have also to have activated Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets in your PlasmaPay account.

If you need to return the funds to the client for any reason, you can contact technical support for help, or ask the client of his Plasma wallet address and send the payment to his wallet in PlasmaPay, through the Send/Transfer function on the platform.

About PlasmaPay platform

PlasmaPay is a licensed cryptocurrency and blockchain platform operating in more than 150+ countries. The main infrastructure of the platform is integration with popular cryptocurrencies and providing the user with a full range of services for working with cryptocurrencies (purchase, storing in wallets, exchange).

All payments on the PlasmaPay platform are processed on the basis of the Plasma public blockchain and with stable cryptocurrency tokens that represent classic fiat currencies: Dollar, Euro, Ruble, etc.

The balance of any of these stable cryptocurrencies can be exchanged at any time for any cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT) and sent to an external wallet or exchanger.

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