It is more convenient and cheaper to pay for paid video rooms from your cryptocurrency Plasma wallet in PlasmaPay. In this case, the commission for payment for the guest of the room will be only 3% vs. 10% as when you paying by card.

In order to pay for video rooms at the basic 3% commission, you must:

  • register account at

  • activate Plasma wallet with base currency of calculation

  • pass personal verification and receive the "Digital Citizen" status

  • top up your basic foreign currency account using a bank card

  • follow the link to the room in Plasma Rooms and authorize the payment through PlasmaPay

If a guest who does not have an account in PlasmaPay receives a link to a paid room, then to pay and enter the room, he will need to go through instant registration process (email & phone number) with the activation of the Plasma wallet, and top up it using a bank card. And only after replenishing the cryptocurrency wallet, the user will be able to make a payment and enter the room.

This is how the screen looks for an unauthorized (guest) user:

To pay and enter the room, the guest needs:

  • create an account and replenish a cryptocurrency wallet by purchasing a stable cryptocurrency

  • transfer a stable cryptocurrency to the creator of the room, thereby paying for the room

  • enter a paid room and start a paid call

If you have questions or suggestions for the functionality, please write to us in the support chat or email [email protected]

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